History and Accomplishments

2010 - 2014

We developed our organization and our workshops. In 2013, we received financial support from Monterey businesses and service clubs, such as the Kiwanis Club of Monterey, Fishermen’s Grotto, and Kathy’s restaurant and private donors…

2015 - 2017

Established a relationship with Del Monte Manner low income housing project;  established a partnership with CSUMB Service Learners Community Partners. Girls served as ushers for the Bach Festival as a community service. Fashion show horning Ruby Linzy, accomplished veteran from SS. Partnered with CSUMB Associated Students to provide congratulatory luncheon for college girls.


Graduation Luncheon

All of the girls received $100 gift card and three girls received a computer


How are we doing so far?

We have 11 volunteers who volunteer to facilitate our workshops and 5-7 volunteers in various support roles. We have given away 3 new laptops as awards to participants who earned the highest workshop points. In collaboration with CSUMB Service learners’ graphic arts class, the girls assisted with the redesign of Ladies First website, as they were introduced to new computer skills. Statistics are a good way to measure outcomes. One of the best ways to measure outcome is personal results. This letter was written by the parent of one of our graduates who is now in our leadership program.


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January 20, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Terry Hall and I’m the Dad and single parent of Alexsis Hall, who is a graduate of the Ladies First program. I don’t always say the right things to my daughter, and that has been a problem with her self-esteem. Ladies First has helped her to deal with some of her personal problems. The women at Ladies First are a great help, they pick my daughter up, and take her to engage in activities fit for young lady. Ms. Pruitt has also been helpful in encouraging me and giving me sound advice dealing with my daughter’s emotional negativity. In my opinion this program is what a community needs for the young ladies. I bless the continued efforts of the women in this program and may God give them all that they need to be successful.

Minister Terry Hall