2015 - 2017 Accomplishemnts

We started our Enrichment workshops which included a Money management workshop and a Social Media and human trafficking workshop, Established a relationship with Del Monte Manner low income housing project;  established a partnership with CSUMB Service Learners Community Partners. This partnership allowed Ladies First to utilize the CSUMB Graphic Design class to develop our website with input from the girls, along with teaching them some basics about web design. Also, we utilized Service Learner volunteers to help with the workshops, which gave the girls direct contact we young ladies pursuing a college education. We developed a strategic plan for the next 2 years under the guidance of the Harvard Business Coaches. The girls attended a play production “Oliver Twist”. We held our first Fashion Show Fundraiser. Ladies First has been recognized respectfully in the community. Recognized by the City council as a good program, the mayor has attended our last 2 graduation ceremonies. This year’s graduation ceremony 3 participants received new laptop computers provided by Ladies First and the remaining 7 girls received net books, as a result of collaboration with Loaves, Fishes and Computers, and the Monterey school district; Participated in the 1st Annual Monterey County Youth Health Extravaganza, led by students from Central Coast High School. We also created a promotional video which included testimonials from participants. Ladies First was also featured in Seaside Post Sentential Newspaper.

Major Accomplishment: Girls road trip to San Francisco to attend play at the African American
Shakespeare company theater and art museum.
Girls served as ushers for the Bach Festival as a community service
Fashion show horning Ruby Linzy, accomplished veteran from SS
Girls attended play at the PAC REP theater in Carmel
LF gave away 2 new laptops at graduation and partnered with LFC who provided netbooks for graduates.


Partnered with CSUMB Associated Students to provide congratulatory luncheon for college girls (some to state that we worked on strengthening the Board).

LF represented at the largest women’s march in MC at CSUMB.

Girls attended a conference of Angela Davis at CSUMB and later met and received signed autographed books.