2010 - 2014 Accomplishments

We developed our organization and our workshops. In 2013, we received financial support from Monterey businesses and service clubs, such as the Kiwanis Club of Monterey, Fishermen’s Grotto, and Kathy’s restaurant and private donors. We were supported by the Seaside City Council, The Village Project (former Fiscal Sponsor), and Grocery Outlet. We received certificates of accomplishment from the NAACP and 4th district Supervisor Jane Parker. Ladies First was featured on KSBW’s Feedback at Five radio station with Theresa Wright. We held our first series of workshops along with a graduation ceremony for ten participants. The workshops were free and the graduation ceremony was to acknowledge and reward the accomplished goals of our participants. Participant with the highest participation points received a laptop computer; all participants received gift cards based on attendance.

We were granted funds from the Community Foundation for a Business Coach. We received monetary support from the Carmel Rotary Club, Walmart Corporation’s Community Giving grant, the Arts Council of Monterey, City of Seaside, Seaside businesses and private donors. Ladies First was recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization. In July in collaboration with CSUMB Visual Arts, we held an Art Exhibit Fundraiser, featuring a young local female international artist, and collaborated with NAACP Youth Summit workshops. In October, Ladies First held the second graduation ceremony where 2 participants with highest participation points received a HP laptop computer, and one participant received a HP printer, and all participants received a $100 gift card. Established relationships with the Links, AKA and Sun Street youth group. Participants of Ladies First served as ushers at the Seaside Bach Festival, and held a recycling fundraiser to feed families at Hamilton House women’s shelter.